The bubble game


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Welcome to

This is a customer success simulation game


Each circle represents a customer, the bigger the circle, the more they are paying (5~20)

They move from left to right representing their annual subscription

They pay daily, increasing your score, unless they churn

How customers churn
by them not getting contacted often enough (dropping from top to bottom)

which takes 90 days

And can be prevented by clicking on them with the mouse to bubble them up

by them reaching the end of their subscription unhappy (red)

You can make your customers a little happier by clicking on them while holding the G key

But you can only do it once every 12 days(🏥 will show up on the bottom right when available)

Extra rules
Happy Customers (green circles)

When renewing their subscription they might pay more

When extra happy they might pay more

Might need less contact (take slightly longer to drop)

Sad Customers (red circles)

When extra sad they might pay less

Need special care

Instead of holding G key, you need to hold R key to click them

if you hold the wrong key you still have to wait 12 days to do it again

The game ends after 2 years, Good luck 🎉